Sunday, 21 May 2017

Night Heron - Dingle Gardens, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

A dream day in Shrewsbury at Dingle Gardens with the very very showy Night Heron he was showing as soon as we got there so beautiful I was so excited he gave us amazing views felt like a dream with Night Herons being special birds to me as it's the bird that brought Me and Dave together so to get such amazing views of one is out of this world, I know you can'e always have views like this of birds but to me this is what watching birds is about this is the type of bird watching and bird photography I love :)
Dingle Gardens is an amazing beautiful place the flowers are out of this world and the water fountain and such a relaxing place everyone so polite and all happy to see and learn about the bird, it was a lovely day Night heron is definitely one of my fav birds :) big thank you to Dave for taking me :)
I will have to go back again I could live there the gardens, the town with the black and white buildings is just down my street :)
Places like this make you think that we are surrounded by such beauty even in busy towns and citys there are still beautiful gardens, parks, woods always places we can for tranquil in a very hectic world we have to make the most of these beautiful places and beautiful moments we are part of nature so we should enjoy it and make the most of all the beauty :)

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