Sunday, 29 January 2017

White-billed Diver, Lincs 29/01/17

We headed down to Lincolnshire today The River Witham for the White-billed Diver that had been there a week now and had been showing amazingly well and rare to get one inland.
We both really wanted to see him but I still struggled to get out of bed but so glad I did, after a long walk up The River to find him it was worth it such an amazing beautiful bird and stunning bird, felt honoured to see him, I love him :)
Lighting was so bright with the sun shining to bright we all struggled and even though the bird was showing so well, still too distant for my camera to do this bird justice but I'm happy to of seen him and have some record shots :)
Was such an amazing day and we got to see Dean and Alicia and there dog Rebel such a beautiful dog he put a big smile on my face.  Was so nice catching up with Dean and Alicia too :)
Hopefully if the Diver is still there next weekend and a little cloud cover we will go back :)
Big thank you to Dave for getting my ass out of bed lmao

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Tundra Bean Geese - Seeswood Pool- Nuneaton

An excellent day Saturday we decided to stay local and we went for a walk then walked round Seeswood Pool Dave's Local Patch, so glad we did there was a high number of Greylag Geese so Dave decided to count them as he was counting he said Pink feet I went wow I was over the moon something different I tried getting a record shot but then everything flew up and flew into a back field we decided to go and have look as soon as Dave set eyes on them again he shouted there Tundra Bean Geese they have orange legs this was such a good record for Seeswood and Warwickshire just an amazing feeling being with Dave when he found them a very special moment.
Such beautiful geese to distant for photographs managed a blurry shot lol we headed home and Dave went back up with his camera and to met other birders he got a much better shot.
Then on Monday with reports saying they were still there we both headed back up, getting much better views still distant for photos but I got a record shot and loved watching them, so exciting them being on Seeswood :) Dave is such an amazing birder I wouldn't of had a clue lol

Friday, 20 January 2017

Trittiford - January Update

Had a few nice trips too Trittiford the Mandarin Duck is still present although she keeps hiding from me lol Had much better views of a female Goosander at Trittiford still too distant for my camera but managed a better record shot.
The Little Egrets have been amazing on The River giving lovely views and my closest photos still want better though lol
Also the past couple of trips I have had very showy Kingfishers with two chasing each other up and down The River and the one even landed next to me on the post at the Bridge I was gobsmacked never been this close to a kingfisher I felt all emotional I couldn't even take a photo I froze lol But I did get a photo of the one in the trees but more distant but the sun was shining which helped.
Also there's Five Male Pochards which are always nice to see :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Blue Rock Thrush - Stow-on-the-Wold

Finally caught up with the amazing Blue Rock Thrush when it first turned up before Xmas I never went with Dave because i'm not keen on twitches and Dave thought there would be a lot of people there and I don't like crowds, but it turns out it wasn't that bad so I was gutted I didn't go was my own fault for letting my anxieties get the better of me, this was such a beautiful bird just something about him I couldn't stop thinking about him I had this itch I just really wanted to see him.
The past few months I have lost my mojo for birding I think a mixture of not liking crowds and the waiting about and the cold, but after having a few days staying in and Dave going birding if i'm honest I drove myself crazy I was bored out of my brains all I wanted to do now is get out there and see birds, with me nagging Dave a little about seeing the Blue Rock Thrush lol We waited for a less busy time when people would be back at work and headed down there today, we saw the Blue Rock Thrush straightaway quite distant high up on a chimney but nice views through bins then we waited and he flew into the tree over someones garden in Fishers close giving lovely views then dropped down onto the roof of the shed but the hedge in the way but managed to get a record shot before he dropped down into the garden we couldn't see him then.
We then waited about an hour but the bird didn't come out of the garden, we were both freezing so we decided to leave as it was dull anyway and the bird likes sunshine so we knew we could be waiting along time and I was more than happy with the views I had and my record shot I was over the moon to see him such a beauty with that blue color which did show up when we first got there with it being slightly brighter then :) I love him.
A massive thank you to Dave for taking me i'm so grateful, Iv'e got my Birding mojo back lol My birding skills and knowledge will never be good but I enjoy the birds and that's all that matters to me is enjoying it :)
No one is sure whether this bird will be accepted as a wild bird as they don't really migrate and saying its the wrong time of year and showing signs of a captive bird but to me the bird looked in very good condition but i'm far from an expert lol and to be honest I don't care as far as i'm concerned I have seen a Blue Rock Thrush in the wild :)

Monday, 2 January 2017

Waxwing - Hinckley, Leicestershire

A great start to the New year with New Years day just staying locally as bad weather and Dave not feeling too good, so we just got a few common year ticks but then late afternoon a report of a Waxwing came through in Hinckley which is just down the road so we checked it out but couldn't see him so we headed home but the next morning on the 2nd the report came through again with better directions so we headed over there and saw the Waxwing straightaway high up in the tree on the roundabout we waited and he flew into the berry trees near us the sun shining on him this was my best ever views I was over the moon :)
The next day 19 was reported so we headed there after Stow-on-the-Wold and there they were in the tree on the island more had joined there was 23 now this just amazed me how just yesterday there was 1 now 23 lol I got to hear them call such a distinctive call and a few of them flew to the berry tree near us giving more nice views no photos today as weather was very dull.
Been a brilliant couple of days I love Waxwings just hoping now we will get them in Warwickshire :)