Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fenny Compton Moth Night, Warwickshire 30/07/16

My first ever Moth Night Event, I was so so excited and when we arrived David Brown the event leader and Warwickshire moth recorder greeted us such a friendly welcoming man, once everyone arrived we had a walk round to pick are spots and then set up, it was such a fun night checking are traps and then walking round looking at the other traps, and everyone was so nice and friendly and excited to show you the Moths, it was just amazing this is what I call a good night out :)
Had lot's of new Moths all so beautiful but think My fav has to be The Herald just stunning and one I had always wanted to see, and also The Drinker so cute and Beautiful :)
Other Highlights were : Chinese Character (another beauty), Magpie, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Dusky Sallow, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Scorched Carpet, Lunar-spotted Pinion all lifers and also had a Lovley marked July Highflyer, Pebble Prominent and Yellow-tail. Also Loads of Shaded Broad-bars.
Also had lot's of new Micro moths, Cochylis hybridella, Cochylis roseana, Agapeta zoegana, all new micros and also had a nicely marked Carcina quercana.
Both C.hybridella and C.roseana were new for the SP45 10k Square.
Can't wait for next year for more Moth Nights, a big thank you to David Brown for a great event and to all the people there that made the night special and a big big thank you to Dave for taking me, best night ever :)  

The Herald

The Drinker 


Lesser Swallow Prominent

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Chinese Character

Lunar-spotted Pinion

Dusky Sallow

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Scorched Carpet

Pebble Prominent


July Highflyer

Shaded Broad-bar 

Cochylis roseana

Cochylis hybridella

Agapeta zoegana

Carcina quercana

Monday, 25 July 2016

Great White Egret - Marsh Lane Nature Reserve- West Midlands

Dave received a text saying there was a Great White Egret at Marsh Lane Nature Reserve so of we went we had already had one for the year but nice to be able to get a reserve tick.
Such an elegant bird and was showing well brilliant views still a little too far for my camera but Dave got some stunning shots :)

Here are some of Dave's amazing photos 

Taken by Dave Hutton

Taken by Dave Hutton

Some of My Record Shots

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fermyn Woods - Purple Emperor and Purple Hairstreak

Had a superb day at Fermyn Woods, soon located a Purple Emperor which decided to land on Dave's trainer lol Bless him he just had to stand there while everyone took photos it was so funny lol
but not to worry we had another one basking in the sun so Dave got some shots they really are beautiful butterfly's that purple is stunning but because of the light it dosen't show up well on photos.
Also today another massive highlight was great views of Purple Hairstreak low down there very pretty and lovely to get such amazing views after only having my first one last week which was high up so we were very lucky to have not just one but two low down, they don't very often do that.
Was a very successful trip and very enjoyable :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Moths Update

We have had some good moths over the past couple of months with my getting a trap for my garden so we have been trapping nearly every night either in my Garden or at Dave's.
Have had quite a lot of lifers and also some new ones for Dave, also have had a few new moths when we have been out and about.
Also have had some nice micro moths :) I just love moths so much every day I just can't wait for dark so I can put Trap on lol
There all so beautiful I think mine and Dave's highlight is Red-tipped Clearwing which we had when we were at Glapthorn cow Pastures, Northants whilst photographing the amazing Black Hairstreaks Dave said Red- tipped Clearwing !!! It didn't register at first then I realised what he had said and couldn't believe what we were seeing to just have one come to us like that is amazing and we both managed to get a photo which is a bonus such a stunning moth, I had being to see a clearwing so glad Dave has amazing eyesight lol :)

Red-tipped Clearwing

Red-tipped Clearwing

Clouded border

Scalloped Hazel

White Ermine

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Common Swift

Ingrailed Clay 

Pale Prominent

Broom Moth

White Marbled Spot

Scorched Wing

Turnip Moth 

Peach Blossom

Brown Rustic 

The Seraphim

Green pug

Varied Coronet

Ghost moth (Female) 

Shoulder-striped Wainscot

Sallow Kitten

Double Sqaure-spot

Alder Moth

Bordered Straw

Small Ranunculus

The Blackneck

Lime Hawk-moth

Lime Hawk-moth

Burnished Brass

Waved Black

Scarce Footman

True Lover's Knot

Oak Nycteoline

Scalloped Oak

The Coronet

Agapeta hamana

Cork Moth (Nemapogon cloacella) 

Small Magpie

Green Tortrix

Brown China-mark

Phlyctaenia coronata

Red-barred Tortrix (Ditula angustiorana) 

Pseudargyrotoza conwagana