Saturday, 30 April 2016

Tree Pipit - Cannock Chase

We headed to Cannock Chase today it appeared to be quite again when we first got there but then we were walking along and Dave said he could hear a Redstart so we walked into the woody area and soon located him, stunning bird and nice views through bins.
Then Dave had a female Cuckoo go over but I never saw it was a little dissapointed after hearing one last time and also hearing one on my local patch but just not having luck seeing one lol
On the walk back down the Path there was a Tree Pipit just sitting on the log not bothered by us at all so we went closer still no reaction so we took some photos then he even flew to the log right behind us then he flew into the grass feeding still not bothered by us we took the chance to get some more photos this was awesome to get photos of such a lovely bird and a bird that are usually not showy like this, Dave was over the moon as he has seen many Tree Pipits but never been able to photograph them like this before, we both had very big smiles :)
We then went back to the car and went to a different part of Cannock Chase to look for Wood Lark we decided to leave the cameras in the car lol
On the walk down we saw another Redstart which was lovely then we walked abit further and Dave went Cuckoo I went where where he said on the post over there, yeppy I was over the moon my first Cuckoo of the year :) As we walked round and closer he didn't move then we walked closer and he flew even closer to us lol my best ever views such a stunning bird we were both happy to just have views like this but a bit gutted we didn't take cameras lol
Had been a great day two year ticks at Cannock and great views of both :)

Monday, 25 April 2016

Warwickshire ticks - Grasshopper Warbler, Ring Ouzel and Black-tailed Godwit

Had an amazing weekend picking up year ticks and Warwickshire Ticks, After hearing Reed Warbler and Grasshopper Warbler last weekend it was a warm welcome to actually see them, had brief views of Reed Warbler at Middleton Lakes on saturday morning but then much better views at Seeswood on the evening :)
Sunday we had an early start to Middleton Lakes as soon as we got out of the car we could hear Grasshopper Warbler so we walked over and we managed to see him nice views but brief was an added bonus that it was on the Warwickshire side of Middleton so a Warwickshire tick for me :)
Also Dave flushed a Jack Snipe I couldn't believe it he almost stood on it lol was lovely to see shame we hadn't spotted him first would of been lovely to get a photo.
Walking back through Middleton we had lovely views of Chiffchaff and also took the chance to photograph some of the common birds, Great Tit which I hadn't got many photos of so was over the moon with him, also a very friendly Robin, Dave put his hand out and the Robin went straight onto it even though we had no seed, love moments like this getting close to nature is the best part of Birdwatching :)
We then headed to Ladywalk whilst there Dave got a phone call of Nick Barlow saying he has a Ring Ouzel at Little Packington, Big smile appeared on my face love this birds ( Thankyou Nick )
So of we went Dave got him in the scope straightaway a stunning Male I was over the moon made my day and another Warwickshire Tick, he was distant but great views through scope :)
We then headed to Marsh Lane Nature Reserve for the Black-tailed Godwit another Warwickshire tick and a stunning summer plumage bird it stayed quite distant but got a few record shots, and also had my best views of Common Snipe and Common Sandpiper and close views of Redshank, Lapwing and Oystercatcher and Little Ringed Plover.
 I just love days like this and really made me think this is what birding is all about it's not just about the rare birds but enjoying the common ones too, after all there the ones that got me into birding :)
Can't wait for next weekend Bank Holiday weekend hopefully lot's of birding.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Trittiford Update - Spring

Not much about at Trittiford even most of the Gulls have gone but still had a few enjoyable walks around it is lovely at this time of year, watching birds build nests and pairing up with each other the birds just pop up and start singing It's wonderful.
New in are Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers, as soon as you enter Trittiford all you can here is Willow Warbler :) Two Shovelers Male and Female were still present at the start of April.
Also we have beautiful Treecreepers building nests and Long-tailed tits, and Great Spotted Woodpeckers drilling. Also 2 Swallows on the 19th of April.
No sign of any Swans this week hopefully she has gone of to find a partner lol
Also saw my first ever Mink so pretty hard to believe how vicious they can be :(
The Little Egrets were still present at the Old Mill Pond at the end of March but no sign in April.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Iberian Chiffchaff - Granville Country Park, Telford Shropshire

A nice sunny Sunday morning we decided to head to Telford for the Iberian Chiffchaff, We pulled up got out of the car and Dave heard him straightaway I was so pleased thought we would have to wait hours, we walked into the woody area and saw him straightway a lifer for me so was over the moon and I always get so nervous because I struggle to see them in the trees but soon located him :)
Felt so lucky to be able to see him straightway as one birdwatcher had waited over two hours the day before. He sung his little heart out most of the time we were there i'm not very good with bird songs but it sounded completely different to Chiffchaff more energetic lovely song, the Collins guide lists a few differences but very hard to see them on this bird the one thing that stands out is there's alot more yellow on him more like a Willow Warbler very pretty as all warblers are :) got a few record shots of him when we first got there in the tree, but then the photography mode sets in ;) had great views of him at one point he was right in front of us but my camera wouldn't focus he just kept moving to branch to branch and I think I get anxious when there that close because I know I have limited time and I think stressing makes me not take time with taking photos but was very tricky I know others have struggled too, and it's never about the photos but at the time when your spending such a long time there trying to photograph it becomes gutting when you don't get anything :( but even though I moan and get upset I still love it, love the birds to bits and love photography and so happy to of least got a record shot :) and so grateful to Dave for taking me for this bird and all the beautiful birds I have seen don't know how he puts up with me some times. (sorry for being a moaning cow lol )
Dave got a beautiful photo so clear and you can see all the detail of the bird :)

Dave's photo

Taken by Dave Hutton

My Record Shots

The Iberian Chiffchaff was in the woody area of the Granville country park a lovely woods, with a canal at the back and you walk through some trees and come to some ruins which were old Lodge Furnaces and an Old winding House reading about the place it has quite a bit of history to it love places like this :) 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Black-necked Grebe, Common Scoter and Migrants

With News coming through on the Wednesday of a Black-necked Grebe at Shustoke, was gutted because I had work and Dave was going to work, was hoping it would still be there the next day Dave was on nights so he said if news comes through its still there message him at eleven, I was in Morrisons when the twitter alert came through it was there I was so excited but it was still early so waited till eleven then messaged Dave, then of I went to met Dave at Shustoke a new driving adventure not helped by a road closure and a phone directions that take forever to reroute but I got there in the end it was very distant but still lovely to see such beautiful birds and very happy to have him on my year list :) and so nice to see one at Shustoke, I got an extremely distant record shot can just make him out lol :)
He was still there on the Friday but was playing hide and seek he was really close to the edge on the other side so Me and Dave walked round there and then no sign of him at all vanished and Dave went back later on in the evening and he did the same again lol would of been nice to photograph him but just so glad I got to see him and feels like a proper warwickshire tick being at Shustoke.

On the Saturday we headed to Cannock Chase it was very quite there heard a distant Cuckoo and it wasn't until the walk back we saw Tree Pipit had lovely views so made it worth while :)
Whilst at Cannock Chase news had come on Twitter that there was a Common Scoter at Shustoke lol (hmmm the amount of times Me and Dave walk round there and don't find anything) lol
We headed back Went to Middleton Lakes first and picked up Common Whitethroat and heard Lesser Whitethroat and Sedge Warbler, we then headed to Shustoke for the Common Scoter I was so excited we arrived and Tom and other birders were there, they said it's distant over the other side, Dave went to get scope but stoped to talk to some birders which seemed like forever I was dying to see the Scoter lol  Dave got him in the scope for me and a big smile appeared on my face, gorgeous bird, we then decided to walk round as it seemed quite close on the other side but by the time we got round there it had gone slightly more out but looked like it was coming closer again so we went up the bank had my best views ever but hard to photograph light kept changing but got a couple of record shots :) 
On the Sunday we went back to Middleton Lakes on the evening and we saw Lesser Whitethroat and Sedge Warbler this time but gained another two heard only lol Reed Warbler and 
Grasshopper Warbler, hopefully we won't have to wait to long before we see them lol
It has been a really enjoyable couple of day's looking for migrants is so exciting and the
Black-necked Grebe and Common Scoter was a very welcome added Bonus and even the Common birds at Middleton Lakes are beautiful Robins flying and landing next to you and a very showy Dunnock I love them all :) Oh and a very big Turtle at Middleton looked massive with a yellowy shell lol 

Also got a Moth Lifer this weekend Common Quaker only the one Moth but still nice and this morning Dave found a little mirco on the wall outside which was also a new one for me Eriocrania Subpurpurella beautiful goldy shiny colour but couldn't get a photo he flew of before I clicked camera grrrr such tricky little things lmao :)