Sunday, 24 January 2016

First Moths of the year - Pale Brindled Beauty

A very enjoyable night getting are first Moths of the year, we started the night by going out to the woods to look for winter moth by trunking but was unsuccsessful we think we have left it a bit late.
We wasn't expecting anything in the trap in the garden we just thought we would give it ago, are first Moth was Emmelina Monodactyla which was so nice to have at least one Moth, then a bit later on I went to check it couldn't see anything then I though I will just check round the side of the Trap and then I saw a lovely Moth my heart gets all excited and pounds lol
I wasn't sure what the Moth was I knew it was one I hadn't seen before I took it into Dave and straight away he said Pale Brindled Beauty it was a first for his garden, just amazing beautiful moth very well marked, I love my Moths I have such a passion in my belly for them i'm so excited for the main Mothing season :) We also had a Light brown Apple Moth, three Moths for January is not bad going:)


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Jack Snipe - Marsh lane Nature Reserve

The past couple of weeks have been spent locally picking up some year ticks with Common Sandpiper on the River at Edison road, Hams Hall.
Also had more views of the Bittern at Ladywalk this time it was the paler one so now I have seen both Bitterns had lovely scope views beautiful birds, also picked up Short-eared owl.
Also a very exciting moment when someone said they could see some small geese in flight everyone was trying to guess what they were then they started to come closer and also called Dave then said White- fronted Geese, he is amazing I still couldn't tell what they were they got even closer we thought whey were going to land but they flew through there was at least 50+, a great year tick and even though I have seen them at Draycote it feels more of a local tick with it being Ladywalk. :)
The following weekend was spent mainly at Marsh Lane nature Reserve getting great views of the Jack snipe and manage to get a few photos but really struggled as the reeds were in the way lol love watching these birds they are so enjoyable watching.
Dave got a fantastic photo looks so natural and beautiful his so so talented so proud of the results he gets even though I get jealous lol.

Taken by Dave Hutton

Here's a couple of my Record shots of the Jack Snipe nowhere near as clear as Dave's but still glad to have a record Shot, also a record shot of the Mandarin Duck which was also at Marsh Lane :)

Friday, 8 January 2016

Great Northern Diver and Hybrid Scaup - Shustoke

Today we headed to Shustoke for the Great Northern Diver which has relocated to Shustoke from Ladywalk fishery, also we got some photos of the Hybrid Scaup.
It was a very enjoyable day spending the whole day photographing and getting to see the Diver close love these birds I find them fascinating when they dive and then just disappear for ages lol
Also the Hybrid Scaup has proven to be a challenge, Dave loves a challenge ;) I find it very intriguing learning from Dave and reading others opinions, Alan Dean has gone into alot of detail in his blog about the Hybrid Scaup.
I could look at this bird a million times and not pick up on what Dave and others see don't think my observation skills will ever be that good but i'm learning everyday which is what I love about birding.


Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year Birds 2016

Happy New year all !!! The first day of the year was spent year ticking I love new years day bird watching it's so much fun me and Dave both had horrible colds but we didn't let it stop us, we still had fun, I got 61 birds for the day :) Dave got more than me his hearing and eyesight is way better than mine lol
We picked up some good year ticks including Scaup, Smew, Tree Sparrows, Great Northern Diver and Lot's more, We went back to Marsh Lane to get Jack Snipe the day before had been my first time seeing Jack Snipe I was totally addicted to this bird so much fun watching them how they bob up and down none stop really does look like there dancing I just love them could of sat there watching him in scope all day :)
The next day we went to Ladywalk in the hope we might see the Bittern we had been sitting in the hide awhile when Dave shouted Bittern !!! luckily I already had bins to eyes scoping the water and islands so I just caught him he landed in the Reeds somewhere but never came out again while we were there, words can't describe seeing your fav bird in Warwickshire a very special moment :)

I had to go home on the 5th January to help my nan take xmas decs down and then I had work on the evening, Dave went to coleshill to try for the Owls again we had been a few times and not seen anything so Dave was over the moon when a Short-eared Owl appeared and he had two Barn owls, I was very fed up that I couldn't be there but was very pleased to know that there still there :)
Dave got a beautiful photo of the Short-eared owl, such a natural beautiful photo :)

Taken by Dave Hutton