Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Hoopoe - Hinksford,Staffs

We went back for the Hoopoe today at Hinksford, it had been showing really well but today it didn't want to it was quite happy feeding in the grass, but we still got closer views than last time and was really nice to see him again, we stayed on site for 3 hours which was nice watching him through bins and managed to get another record shot :)

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Norfolk weekend :)

Had an amazing weekend in Norfolk we started of trying to get the Pallid Harrier but it was a no show but had my best views of Brambling :) We then went for the Red- rumped Swallow which was also a no show and we went to Holkham for the Shore lark and they were also a no show we were starting to think that luck wasn't on are side lol
We went for the Rough-legged Buzzards and Dave soon located one, I was over the moon such a stunning bird I have seen photos before but nothing compares to seeing it in real life so striking and stands out even from a distant I managed to get a distant record shot, so happy to off seen one another lifer.
We then went to do a Harrier roost, and we saw three female Hen Harriers stunning birds and one that I have always wanted to see, I was a very happy bunny :)
We then headed to Daves friends Dean and Alicias where we were stopping the night had an amazing night was so much fun I have never laughed so much and Dave and Dean are like naughty twins when there together lol
The next day we went to another location Gun Hill, Burnham Overy to try for Shore Lark again they hadn't been reported for awhile here so we wasn't sure they would be there we were walking along and Dave said there they are they flew and landed we just sat there they wern't bothered by us at all it was so nice to just sit and watch them such beautiful little birds.
Had been a brilliant weekend with lot's of birds and 3 lifers, love norfolk :)

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Great Northern Diver- Ladywalk Nature Reserve

Went to Ladywalk to see the Great Northern Diver a tick for me for Warwickshire so special when its a local tick and I love great northern divers, was quite distant but still lovely to see.
As he was in the fishery which is private we couldn't get any closer.
We went again on boxing day and the Fishery manager gave us access which was so kind of him and really nice to have better views and get a couple of record shots.