Sunday, 27 September 2015

Middleton Lakes - Wheatear

Had a lovely day we popped to Wishaw where there was Skylark everywhere never seen this many before there must of been 50+ if not more, lovely birds.
We then went to Middleton Lakes was quite there but there was two showy Wheatear's managed to get some photos of the one but struggled with the light, but just lovely seeing them beautiful birds, and even though I have seen alot of them now it is still a pleasure every time, as much as I love twitching birds and going to different places, I will always love local birding it's pleasurable looking for your own birds even if you only see common ones it's always enjoyable going out looking :)


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Brindled Green, Dark sword-grass, Lunar Underwings and more :)

 It's been a great few weeks with the Moths in my garden and Dave's, I was starting to give up with my garden but Dave said don't give it takes patience his wise words paid of when I got a Brindled Green and a Lunar Underwing I was over the moon such beautiful moths and the Brindled Green was a lifer for Dave so nice when there lifers for both of us :)
The following week was followed by a Dark sword-grass again a lifer for Dave and one he had been  waiting to see, stunning Migrant moth and so lovely to photograph.
Also I got two different Lunar Underwings, and then on the weekend in Dave's garden we got lot's more Lunar Underwings most of them varying in color and I also got Two lifers in Dave's garden Common Marbled Carpet and Pale Mottled Willow and also got Two new Micro Moths
Eudonia Angustea and Garden Rose Tortrix :)
Also a couple of weeks ago we had a stunning Silver Y on Dave's front garden looked so fresh had to get a photo.

Brindled Green

Brindled Green

Dark sword-grass

Lunar Underwing

Lunar Underwing

Lunar Underwing

Common Marbled Carpet

Common Marbled Carpet

Common Marbled Carpet

Pale Mottled Willow

Lunar Underwing

Silver Y

Silver Y

Eudonia Angustea

Garden Rose Tortrix


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Moth selection :)

The past few months have been great with the Moths I have really got into Mothing, it's so exciting and I love every single Moth I love looking them up in the Moths books trying to identify them some of the Micro's can be very challenging I have spend many hours trying to identify certain ones but that is what makes it such an interesting hobby.
Dave has quite a few new moths for the garden his garden really does attract some amazing Moths, Dave has lent me the trap quite a few times now for me to try in my garden but I don't get as much in my garden, I will keep trying though :)
My Macro Moths List is on 91 and my Micro's 32.
I have picked a selection of Photos but all the moths we have seen have all been amazing and beautiful majority of the photos are taken in Dave's Garden :)

Ruby Tiger


Silver Y

Large Yellow Underwing

Peppered Moth

The Spectacle


Orange Swift

Small Phoenix

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Oak Hook-tip

Old Lady

Lime-speck Pug


Flame Carpet

Copper Underwing

Knot Grass

Dusky Thorn

Straw Underwing

Gold Spot

Centre-barred Sallow

The Sallow

Bird Cherry Ermine

Chequered fruit-tree Tortrix

Amblyptilia Acanthdactyla

Cherry Fruit Moth

Mother of Pearl 

Vapourer Moth Caterpillar

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st of September - A wet morning at Trittiford Mill Pond

Me being me picked the worst weather to and check the Priory fields and Trittiford things still quite but the rain didn't help but when the sun did shine there was lot's of common birds, Goldfinches some lovely Black Caps over the Priory Fields and a Buzzard which is always nice to see.
Trittiford is still closed the one side although I think the birds are liking it quite a few Cormorants and Grey Herons and lot's of gulls a Grey Wagtail by the bridge.
 I enjoyed watching a Lesser Black backed Gull catching a fish it looked so big for his mouth and he was trying to get away from the other gulls, he went to the side with his young and let him have it and stood watch, nature is wonderful :)
The walkway through to Trittiford there was also more Blackcaps, Jay perched up and a very vocal Chiffchaff love my Chiffchaffs could never get bored of these.
I'm quite excited for autumn and winter I think if the work carries on and that one side stays closed it could attract some birds hopefully, I'm hoping we will get Shoveler again and they may stay longer fingers crossed :)
As I was leaving by the garage on Scribbers lane it started to rain and rain and rain so I sheltered under a tree and found a new Moth for me Green Carpet stunning moth but hard to photograph with the rain that was coming through the tree lol.