Saturday, 30 May 2015

Marsh Fritillary Butterfly and Small Blue Butterfly, Gloucestershire

Brilliant day full of Butterfly's and Moths, I love my birds but it made a nice change doing something different and I enjoyed it so much and most of the Butterfly's and Moths were new ones for me,
We started at the first site in Gloucestershire for the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly's it was a lovely open field and full of the Butterfly's such beautiful stunning creatures so nice to see, and nice to be able to get so up close with them :) we also saw Small Heath Butterfly's here.
We then went onto another place in Gloucestershire were we had stunning views of Small Blue Butterfly's they really are gorgeous so blue and stand out, also we saw Mother Shipton Moth, Forester Moth there really unusual beautiful greeny blue color. Also we saw Common Blue Butterfly, and Narrow bored 5 spot Burnet Moth and we also saw quite a rare Moth Wood Tiger Moth, stunning Moth, Dave managed to get a photo which I will put below. Lot's off other Moths too, Love all the Butterfly's and Moths and was so nice to be able to get photos and use my different camera settings using macro. Can't wait for some more days with Butterfly's and Moths and hopefully some Dragonflies soon :)

Beautiful Wood Tiger Moth taken by my lovely boyfriend Dave Hutton

Taken by Dave Hutton

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Trittiford Mill Pond May update

It has been quite this Month, but had a nice visit this week, with the young Coots, Mallards and Cygnets and Goslings all so cute, could of sat there forever and watched them and was quite surprised that the coots, geese and swans all let me get very close to the young, I love all the young but the Goslings are so so cute there like little yellow balls of fluff you just feel like you can want to stroke them.
Could hear the Great Spotted Woodpecker but could't see him, all the young seem to be doing really well, there's six cygnets same as last years but last year they lost one so fingers crossed they will be luckier this year and keep all six. :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Cemlyn Bay and South Stack RSPB, Anglesey

Wonderful day started off at Cemlyn Bay in Anglesey, such a beautiful place very scenic, I love Wales so much always feel at home there which ever part I go to :)
We saw lot's of Arctic Terns, Common Terns and Sandwich tern amazing to see so many off them and hearing them call, and seeing them fly right passed us, the feeling watching them all is beyond words.
We also had lovely views of Red-breasted Merganser, lovely birds.
Also met one of Dave's very good friends Andy, was a pleasure to met him, such a great man, we then headed to Holyhead Harbour, where we had nice views of Black Guillemot stunning birds with those bright red legs and also a lifer for me,
Then we headed to South Stack RSPB, very very busy there but another amazing place, first bird seen here was Chough another lifer for me, wonderful bird to see I had watched a Documentary on them a while back and loved them then but to actually see them in person was lovely, beautiful birds, red bill and red legs so pretty, later on in the day we saw them on the deck, so nice to watch them up close and an added bonus that we got to take some photos of them, I could watch this birds all day :)
Also two more lifers was Puffin quite distant but great views through scope and was another bird I had always wanted to see, also saw Manx Shearwater distant but Dave got them in scope which was good I couldn't see them at all through my Binoculars, also saw Porpoises very nice to see had never seen them before.
The whole day was amazing can't wait to go back here again, once again big thank you to my lovely boyfriend :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Black-throated Diver at Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

Two trips to Farmoor Reservoir in Oxon for the Black-throated Diver, Friday was a quick trip there because Dave had work, and the Diver was distant but still nice to see through scope and a lifer for me, and the first Dave has seen in Breeding plumage, the Diver stands out even from afar.
We then went back on Sunday and it was showing much better, came up really close in front of us such a stunning bird, looks ornamental, the Black and white color and patterned plumage, beautiful pleasure to have seen this bird, unfortunately the bird is unwell, from photo's seen online look's like an impact wound and that something is lodged in there, so sad that such a beautiful bird is in pain, but he seemed quite content when we was there diving for food, and has been flying from the one side F1 to F2 side of the Reservoir, but does seem sleepy a lot, hopefully the rescue team will manage to catch him and help him, fingers crossed.

Also at Farmoor Reservoir we had stunning views of Turnstone in Summer plumage and Sanderling in summer plumage and winter, and also Dunlin, was lovely seeing them so up close and to be able to take some photo's :) 
We then went onto RSPB Otmoor, where we had great views of the Turtle Dove and heard them purring such an amazing sound, could listen to that all day and such beautiful Dove's the detail on the plumage is lovely, we also heard lot's of Cuckoos at one point you could hear the Cuckoo from the cuckoo and the Purring from the Turtle Dove, great combination of songs :)