Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wild Boar surprise at the Forest of Dean - Hawfinch, Crossbill, Great Grey Shrike, Woodcock

Headed to the Forest of Dean, for Hawfinch, Crossbill and Great Grey Shrike, first stop was the Hawfinch, as we parked car we saw a young lad with a telescope so Dave went and spoke to him and he had a Hawfinch in Telescope so Dave called me over for me too look, amazing it was sitting in a tree and such clear views through scope such a lovely bird, so lucky that lad was there because we waited around after that and never saw any more.
We then headed just a couple of minutes down the road to the Forest for Crossbill, we managed to see quite a lot but they kept flying about but had nice views through bins there such lovely colors stunning.
Then we walked further into the woods to look for more Crossbill, was troddling along, Dave in front when all of a sudden Dave shouted Wild Boar and then followed by a grunt grunt from the Boar not Dave lol :) I was scared stiff, and it ran but then stopped and turned I thought it was coming back to attack us but then we saw all these little piglets emerge from under tree, more and more just kept appearing they were so cute and little stripy and adorable, they run and must of hid somewhere, I just stood there gobsmacked me and Dave were very happy bunnies :) also in the mix of all this a Woodcock flew up and off lovely brown color and so pleased as I had wanted to see one for awhile.
We then went to look for the Great Grey Shrike which I was very excited about as I had seen Dave's photos before and thought how beautiful it looked.
Dave soon located it he really is amazing, it was quite distant at first but we walked round closer and the bird also came closer, beautiful views in scope, such a striking bird I fell in love with it straightaway managed to get a few photos with a little help from my lovely boyfriend :)  

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Caspian Gull at Earlswood Lakes

Lovely to visit Earlswood Lakes has been awhile since I have been there, we got there nice an early and met up with Dave's friends Adam heard so much about him so nice to finally met him :)
When we got where Adam had already seen the Caspian and Red Breasted Merganser fly over shame we hadn't of got there sooner.
Adam said the Caspian had flown off, Dave had brought some bread with him just to clarify it was Malted bread not white bread, don't worry Adam Archer I have the address for Specsavers ;) lol
( )
Dave fed all the bread for the Caspian Gull too the other Gulls ;) no sign of the Caspian so we walked round from Engine Pool to Terry's to find the Caspian Gull soon located him sitting there so nice too see a Caspian Gull in Warwickshire, but does look different to the one I saw before eye didn't look beady and small, but has been ringed in Germany as a Caspian so a beginner like me can't dispute that, I will leave that to Dave ;) lol
We walked back to the car to get Dave's Camera but as we got back with it the Caspian had already flown off think passed are heads, it came back after awhile certainly gave us the run around, got some photos on Terry's then we located it again on Windmill pool, which was nice because it was on it's own on the water got some more photo's.
Was defiantly worth getting up early for not only did I get to see the Caspian Gull I also got to see Dave more muddy than I was which really makes a change lmao love you babe ;)


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Short eared owl, Whooper swan, Crane, Barn owl - Eldernell, Cambridgeshire

We headed to Eldernell, Cambridgeshire today, we entered the car park and was greeted by a Barn Owl flying low over a derelict barn, such a lovely welcome really do love these birds.
We parked car up and too are surprise there was two cranes flying in and landed in the field quite distant but could se them with the naked eye and clear views through bins and Dave's telescope, great to seem in the wild felt such a buzz.
Saw a flash of Kingfisher nice to see haven't seen one for a few weeks.
This day couldn't get any better we had only been here ten minutes and I already got a lifer, but as the day progressed more lifers came up, long walk down the grassland fields looking for short eared owl, didn't see one, but saw a whooper swan which i'm so pleased about had been waiting awhile to see one, distant but clear through Dave's Telescope.
We then decided to walk back to car park and have another look for the Barn owl and a cuppa tea in the car then have another walk later to look again for short eared owl.
We got back to the car park and Dave went wondering off how he does lol and came back all excited bless him, there was a short eared owl on the field in front of use quite far but absolutely stunning views through telescope, sitting on the ground in field so content, eyes closed then all of a sudden it would turn head and eyes wide open then close again lovely to watch, and stayed there all the while we were there for about an hour still sitting there when we left :)
Also as we were standing there Dave spotted two more Cranes different ones that's for cranes in one day amazing, and this car park was proving to be the perfect Bird Watching spot :)      
Got some distant photos of the crane and short eared owl but not clear but nice to have a record shot.
Also as we were leaving we saw Red legged Partridge, nice to see again only got a quick glimpse last time :)  

Friday, 20 February 2015

Laughing Gull, Purple Sandpipers, Snow Buntings, Long eared owl

Excellent day out with my boyfriend, we started at New Brighton in Wirral for the 1st winter Laughing Gull, wasn't expecting it to be showing so well, we had such good views of it on the Decking and in flight, such an attractive Gull and starting to get the black head. :) Also had great views of the Purple Sandpiper nine of them, and also the best views I have had of Dunlin there was so many all sleeping but did wake up for a few photos.
We then went just down the Road to the beach to see the Snow Buntings they were so beautiful was very cold with sea air, we didn't stay there long and they flew off when people were walking past on the beach but got a record shot.

Then we went to Burton Marsh RSPB for the Long Eared Owl, there was quite a few birdwatchers there and the owl was hiding in the tree camouflaged by branches, I couldn't pick it out with the naked eye nor with my binoculars but there was a kind gentleman letting people have a look through his telescope so I had a look and was amazed stunning owl fell in love with the ears straightway. 
Dave also got it through his camera lens so got to look at it for longer, such a lovely slim build owl looked really big hard to believe it's smaller than Tawny owl. 
Couldn't get a photo but i'm just chuffed I got to see such a beautiful owl. It had been a brilliant day four lifers for me, Laughing gull, Purple sandpiper, Snow bunting, Long eared owl.  :) 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ladywalk Nature Reserve Lesser Redpoll's, Reed Bunting, Peregrine Falcon

Lovely morning at Ladywalk Reserve, got my best views of Lesser Redpoll and Reed Bunting's.
So nice to watch them eat and fly back and for at close distance, and could watch them all day and was great photographing them.
The Peregrine Falcon was on the pylon eating a pigeon, poor pigeon but the Peregrine has to eat :)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Shovelers and Common Gull at Trittiford Mill pond

A cold morning with Trittiford being mainly frozen and all the Tufted ducks and Great crested Grebes disappeared again,  I certainly wasn't expecting to see 3 Shoveler was so excited when I saw them think they could be a first for Trittiford they were sleeping at first but by the time I got round to the other side of the pool where they were they were awake and came quite close to the edge, they seemed very happy so hopefully they will stay there :) It was dull today so photos didn't come out that good hoping for some sunshine tomorrow and for them to still be there as it's bird count day tomorrow. Also there was a Common Gull today first one I have seen at Trittiford.
One little egret still Present at Old mill pond as well. Also a lesser Redpoll :)  


Friday, 6 February 2015

Black Necked Grebe - Draycote waters

We had a lovely few hours at Draycote we saw the Black necked Grebe which is a lifer for me, love the Red eye stands out so much, looks like mystical.
Can't wait to hopefully see one in full breeding plumage in the spring :)
We also saw Dusky Canada goose nice to see one and see the differences much smaller, shorter necked, and more of a dark dusky color breast.
The white fronted Geese and Pink footed Geese were present but they keep moving away from us.
The Smew was showing well when we first got there, also on the grassy area there was Meadow Pipits the closest views I have had of them :) Got a better photo of Little Grebe love them so much so cute, nice views of a Common Gull too.
Very enjoyable day with Dave as always.