Friday, 14 April 2017

Moths 2017 Feb- April

It has been a great start to the year with some lovely moths are first Macro of the year was Pale Brindled Beauty at the end of Feb and Oak Beauty at the start of March.
My first lifer of the year came on the 12th March a lovely Small Quaker and then the night after a lifer for Me and Dave Grey Shoulder-knot stunning moth and one Dave had always wanted :)
Quite a few Common Quakers too which was nice so much bigger than Small Quaker and differently marked.
Another Lifer for me on the 17th of March Early Grey one I had been hoping for and also a Clouded Drab only my second ever one and my last one being very worn so was over the moon to get another one, we also ended up getting another one a few days later we have also had quite a few Small Quakers in March and also in March and start of April we had lot's more Early Grey moths about 10 altogether and 10+ Hebrew Characters and Two Early Thorns in April.
On the 9th of April another lifer Lunar Marbled Brown beautiful moth and one I was puzzled by had to search in my moth book lol was a first for Dave's garden and we had a Lesser Swallow Prominent only my second ever one my last one was on a moth night last year so this one was even better to get it in Dave's garden :)
We had are first Flame Shoulder of the year on 11th of April.
What a cracking year so far and it's only April I can't wait to see what's to come in the following months this is why I love mothing so much you just never know what you might get it's just so exciting :)

Pale Brindled Beauty

Oak Beauty

Small Quaker 

Common Quaker

Grey Shoulder-knot 

Clouded Drab

Early Grey

Early Thorn

Hebrew Character

Clouded Drab

Lunar Marbled Brown

Lunar Marbled Brown

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Marsh Lane Nature Reserve - Yellowhammers

Not much about of late we have been doing local birding but not found much had lot's of spring Chiffchaffs, won't be long before all the migrants come in :)
 Had a lovely couple of hours at Marsh Lane Nature reserve this weekend with some showy Yellowhammers my best views ever and my first ever photos of one :)
Such beautiful striking little birds, very enjoyable being able to watch them.
Also nice watching the Reed Buntings so close.






Reed Bunting

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Marsh Lane Nature Reserve - Waxwings

Was a nice surprise when Dave got a text to say there was Waxwings at Marsh Lane Nature Reserve, I was not expecting to see anymore this year, I was very excited just love these birds could never get fed up with them, there so beautiful.
We headed over to the Marsh Lane the waxwings were high up in the trees but lovely to see them and hear them again, they came lower down giving a chance for some record shots :)
Then they flew off high whilst we were there, it's sad this is most likely my last Waxwings of the year, I have enjoyed them so much this year fingers crossed next year will be a Waxwing year too :)


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Iceland Gull and Yellow-legged Gull - Swanshurst Park, Moseley

Really has been a fantastic month not only with the Waxwings round the corner from Swanshurst but also with the Iceland on Swanshurst and an added bonus with a Yellow-legged Gull :)
The Iceland Gull is still present as I write this, he has been there now about five weeks amazing to have such a stunning Gull locally, I have made quite a few visits can't resist him, Dave also came to see him but he gave us quite a wait and the weather was very dull but he came in giving nice views for Dave and he got some record shots but I still think there better than record shots lol
I have really struggled with this bird it's either to dull or to bright, strangely the Iceland Gull seems to love the sun he stays there more regular in the nicer weather but is always right in the sunlight which is very difficult with a white bird lol
After having just a fly by on one visit and no show on a couple of occasions the last time I went he spent the whole morning there again enjoying the sun rays, but I was very lucky that he flew on the fields and landed I quickly rushed round there the Iceland Gull seems quite relaxed with people but I knew if the other Gulls flew he would follow, so I took my time just taking small steps to get close then sat down took a few photos then shuffled to gradually get closer was totally worth the effort as I got my best shot so far, lighting still too bright but much better than on the water I was over the moon, love this Gull :) When he fly's it's like a ghost flying by, beautiful.

Also there was 1st winter Yellow-legged Gull which caused some controversy with people reporting it as a Caspian Gull but it really did not stand out as being a Caspian but there was lot's of people adamant that it was Caspian. Dave sent me on a mission to get a photo of the underwing this was easier said than done lol Took me over three hours but I got there in the end lol and the Underwing helped to confirm Yellow-legged Gull as it is two toned wheareas if it was Caspian it would be more completely white/lighter.
Tim Marlow goes into this in much detail and all the other differences in his blog he writes it so clear and easy to understand

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Moseley Waxwings, Birmingham

I have spent quite a few hours at Windemere Road, Moseley over the past 4 weeks with the Waxwings so nice to have them just a ten minute drive down the road and local to me had to make the most of them, I got addicted just love them you can hear them as you walk up the road that sound just fills me with joy and warmth, such beautiful amazing birds at the highest count there was 52 but they did start to dwindle down in numbers the last week, I have loved every second of watching them, photographing them has been tricky as every time they land on the berry trees the Mistle Thrush chases them off lol so funny to watch and also lighting is very dark when there in the trees but had some super views and the last day I was there some of the Waxwings came down to a puddle to drink water the first time I had ever seen them on the ground a great feeling to watch them :)
They really have brightened up the past month, felt like crying when they left was so strange when I went to check if they were still there and no sign was to silent without them :(
Hopefully we will have another Waxwing year again soon maybe next year !!! lol


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Glorious Geese - Tundra Bean Geese and Greenland White-fronted Goose

The past couple of weekends have been spent locally with the Tundra Bean Geese still being present on Seeswood Pool Dave's local patch we have spent quite a bit of time there it's not every day you get 4 Tundra Bean Geese just down the road, I have fallen in love with these Geese there so pretty elegant looking, has been a pleasure to get so many lovely views :) Photographing them has been hard work as they do move about from on the water, to the field on the road and the back field, but they did come much closer on a couple of occasions so have managed a few shots :)
Also so had nice views of Egyptian Geese there stunning Geese.

We were also extremely lucky with the Greenland White-fronted Goose at Middleton Lakes at the back of the canal in field, we got there and Dave got straight onto him was quite distant at that point we were getting a few record shots then we walked down a bit then the Geese starting walking up and Dave joked and said now it would bevgood if the Greenland could come as close as the Canada Geese not expecting in a million years it would happen lol but then the Greenland starting walking closer and closer towards us this was just amazing even though a subspecies Greenland White-fronted are very rare Geese so to have one this close and my first ever one was an honour such a lovely Goose and does really stick out love the thick dark barring on his belly :)